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    Greetings Akshay,

    Thank you for listing your requirements with such precision.
    The only thing missing in this list is the budget.

    We will try to suggest some mid-range laptops that should appeal either side.
    The focus here would be to have a combination of i3 or i5 processor, with atleast 4 Gb RAM (8 would be better since the advent of Windows 10), 13.3 inch screen size for the light weight factor.
    The sad reality is, unless you opt for pure SSD based models, the weight stays north of 2 kgs, irrespective of the dimensions.
    Now, going the SSD route means lesser space and additional cost.
    Capping our current hunt at Rs. 50,000 (more or less) here are 3 laptops that we would recommend.

    - We wouldn't touch a Intel Core M processor for your needs, neither expect a 15.6 inch laptop to be 'light' or easy to carry.
    - Since there is 'photo' viewing and powerpoint - dipping below 13 inches is not advisable either.
    - Your insisting for a Windows based machines throuws the remote possibility of a Macbook Air out of the window.

    Option 1:
    HP Pavillion 13

    Pros. Everything you could want in a novel form factor. Touchscreen too! Backlit keyboard. 7th gen Core i3. Great screen.

    Cons: Touchscreen (Yes, they tend to be a problem too.). Novel folding factor - unknown expense of maintenance over the years. Weight is still on the higher side.
    Amazon link


    Option 2:
    Lenovo Yoga cousins:
    These are actually 2 options, how we wish they were combined into one!

    11 inch version:
    Pros: Cheaper. 8 GB SSD for OS booting. Lighter. Easier to carry.
    Cons: Intel 'Quad' processor (read Pentium). Inferior display.
    Amazon Yoga 300

    14 inch version:
    Pros: Proper Intel i5 processor. HD screen. Lighter build.
    Cons: Size maybe an issue. No SSD like the smaller version. 
    Amazon Yoga 500


    Option 3:
    Dell Inspiron 5368 13

    Pros: Loaded with licensed MS Office! 1 Tb harddisk. Dell
    Cons: Older gen processor. Weight. No touchscreen as compared to rivals.

    Selecting the right one for you will be an extremely personal preference.
    All the contenders have their strengths and weaknesses.
    Have a look and decide what fits your need and budget the most.

    Feel free to let us know if you have any additional queries or need more clarification.
    Hope this helps.

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