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Sports Bluetooth Headset / Earphones

Need a recommendation. I trek, run (marathons) and cycle. I like my music too. I need a bluetooth earphones (not big cans, obviously) with MINIMAL wires. Mid-range budget. Should last well. 2 years ago

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    Greetings Dipen,

    Glad to know you are serious about your fitness.
    On that serious note, we must advise you to use caution with stereo earphones especially when cycling. It can be difficult to hear a vehicle honking behind you or approaching from another lane.

    To the matter at hand, your query makes it amply clear that

    • Apple EarPods are to be ruled out, since they have no wires and can fall off
    • Single ear pieces are ruled out
    • Audiophile's category of over-the-ear headphones are not welcome, either.

    The category that we are left with, additionally needs to meet these parameters:

    • Waterproof / Water resistant / moisture restiant
    • Have a microphone - Come on, you can't seriously want a pair of earphones and then stop to receive a call
    • Music controls? Is that too much to ask for? How uncool would it be to keep stopping to change tracks - not to mention the precious time you will lose in case you are at a competitive event
    • Definitely not last on the list - but goes without saying - decent audio quality. (You obviously can't get a Bose at mid-range budget, but whatever best possible.)

    Your choices are in fact, plenty. Philips, Skull Candy, Sennheisser, Portronics and a few more 'brands'.

    But, given the fact that these will be used with a lot of 'movement' we find giving importance to snug fitting eargels rudimentary.

    Hence our recommendation is :

    Jabra Halo
    It does tick all the boxes and then some more.
    A2DP, Voice Control, Good fit (plethora of options for you find your fit), Personal Assitant control, Fitness App, Good quality speakers all at a decent price point. We would pick this any day over it's cheaper cousin - Jabra Step (we love our Google Now for real time voice assistance. You could chat up with Siri or Cortana too.)

    If you are willing to stretch your budget we can't help but not recommend the Plantronics Backbeat Go 3.
    We just love the really cool and slim charging case it provides and our experience with Plantronics, their build quality and battery life has been more favourable. We can't help but stress the need of a carrying case or carrying pouch.

    Hope this helps!
    Wishing you many more happy miles, with smiles.

    Feel free to continue this conversation further if you need additional clarification.
    If anything else ... Don't hesitate to ASK.

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