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HI TEAM, I need the latest version of Microsoft office for my Macbook. Could you please help with same. Thanks. 2 years ago

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    Greetings Dr. Swadhin,

    Congratulations on owing a MacBook.
    We are delighted to read about your choice of opting for Microsoft Office.
    Somehow, while all things in the MacBook maybe smoother and efficient - Pages, Numbers and Keynote just don't provide the arsenal offered by Microsoft Office.

    In our experience, a licensed version of Microsoft office serves well - with regular updates (since they continue to have bugs - typically Microsoft - even when working with Apple). Over the years, almost every feature available on Word, Excel and Powerpoint on Windows is available on Mac as well. Including but not limited to export, macros and animations.
    We find, that certain Macros in excel don't work as expected and
    Animations in Powerpoint are much smoother and better too! (Try it).

    Microsoft offers these packs for purchase.
    We find the 'Home' Edition as much more VFM than the personal edition.
    The personal costs 3629 per year.
    While the Home edition is 4619 Rs. per year - but that's for a whooping 5 USERS!
    Can be installed on a combination of 5 PCs and/or Macs + (PLUS) 5 Tablet / Mobile devices.
    That's value you can't beat.

    IF - you opt for this, we can't help but be thankful for the competitive E-commerce scenario in India.
    What Microsoft offers for Rs. 4619.
    Amazon (Beats Flipkart :( ) - offers for - hold your breath - Rs. 3815.

    If still don't wish to share and wish to keep things really 'Personal' 
    Then, once again it's Amazon offering the better deal.


    Now, if you are 'Personal' and don't want to get into the hassle of renewal, or your needs are limited to 1 version, or you would rather spend ONCE, than renew every year - then Microsoft does have an option for you.
    Which, once again, (surprise surprise!) is cheaper on Amazon.
    Do note that this Office 2016 and NOT Office 365 (which is an annual subscription and gets the latest updates.)

    We hope that this does help your dilemma and you enjoy the lovely productivity combo fo these 2 brilliant creations.

    Nothing like tapping away on tactile backlit keys, while your palms rest on a cool aliminium frame, smoothly editing that powerpoint that really matters ... Right?

    Do let us know how you feel. If any further queries, feel free to continue this conversation further.
    If any other queries ... ASK.

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