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Connect Moto G4 Plus to TV / Projector

How can I display my phone content on a bigger screen - like tv or projector ? 2 years ago

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    Greetings Dipen,

    Let's get the basics clear first.

    • You will need a TV or Projector with a HDMI port. If there isn't one - then you will definitely need a HDMI to VGA convertor (plenty available online 300 to 600 Rs.)
    • If your phone supports MHL - then it is a pretty straightforward job using a MHL cable - it has 3 ends - 1 connects to a power source using USB, 1 connects to your phone using the MicroUSB jack and 1 connects to the HDMI port of your output device. These cables too, can be purchased for 600 to 1500 Rs.

    Now, how do you find out if your phone supports MHL ?
    It really does not get simpler than this: Just visit this link and check if your device is listed there. Link to MHL website.

    The bad news is, we did that for you, and the Moto G4 Plus does not figure on the device.

    So what are your options now:

    1. Mirror your phone on your laptop and then plug in your laptop to the TV or Projector. This can be done using an app like Droid@Screen. It's a free app, still in the Beta stage - uses a traditional USB connection to connect the laptop and the phone (just as you would transfer data). Noteworthy, its a great effort by the developers but it's a Beta, success cannot be guaranteed, smoothness cannot be guaranteed.
    2. Chrome Cast - a small teensy USB stick - with HDMI at one end - that plugs into your TV or projector (may need a power source too) - and runs plenty of Google apps (including YouTube) - gets updated regularly and hooks up to your Android phone (it's all in the Google EcoSystem - so runs reasonably smooth). This device costs Rs. 2500 - and can be used for purposes other than screen mirroring too - example, to make your 'ordinary LED / LCD TV - a smart TV - which can run APPS off the Chrome Cast dongle. Think of it as a mini-Android phone / computer CPU for your TV. This method, too, is not fool proof - but would work using the Screen Mirroring option available by default in Android 5.0 and above.
    3. Rooting your Moto G4 phone - these methods have worked previously to enable USB OTG (On-The-Go) features in phones that did not support it out of the box, but this does not work as simply for MHL and sadly, so far there's no confirmation whether it can make the Moto G4 Plus MHL compatible.

    Since this pretty much deflates your hopes, let's try to show some other solutions too.

    If the content you are trying to view is :

    • Videos or photos : well you can transfer them to a pen drive and plug the pendrive into a laptop and then to the TV or projector, or directly into a SMART TV. There is no dearth of USB OTG pendrives.
    • YouTube videos on a larger screen : ChromeCast definitely solves that problem for you. So does a smart WiFi TV
    • Browsing on your phone - but want a bigger screen: ChromeCase would solve that problem too
    • DropBox can sync from your phone to your laptop wirelessly and then your laptop can take over the duties (others too - like AirDroid etc.)
    • Powerpoint shows - well, they are definitely better off from your laptop.

    What else could you have on your phone that you wish to project?
    We would love to know more and if any of these solutions worked!

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