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Taraporewala Aquarium

HI. I am a mother of 2 kids. 8 & 3 respectively. Since the vacations are on planning to take them to the aquarium. Any suggestions? 3 years ago

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    The Taraporewala Aquarium by itself might prove to be too tiring a trip and you and your kids might feel disappointed at the end of the day.

    Firstly be warned, it is not worth the trip. It is not as wonderful or special as claimed to be.

    The entrance is nice with the fish tank built into the archway. Beyond that it isn't all that special. Some of them fishes are dying too. Especially the sea horses and octopus.

    Additionally the crowd and the waiting is irritating. Especially in the sweltering heat!

    The queue itself can go on for an hour easily. And then it is too crowded inside. Jostling for space is worse than a Mumbai local train at peak hours. Which essentially ensures you can't get a decent glimpse at any of the tanks.

    When I visited it last month, the fountain was not working and the touch and feel tanks were not open to the public (they have turtles in one and sea anemones in the other)

    The bare basic lacklustre powerpoint show running on the displays above the tanks isn't great either.


    Rather you can visit the Irla aquarium - it also has a mini petting-zoo. The kids will love that! To feel the rabbits and guinea pigs. Feed the ducks. The aquarium is not the best there. 

    But unless you stay somwhere close to SoBo - you must have a more comprehensive trip planned for going all the way to the Taraporewala Aquarium.


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    Thank you for your reply. Could you suggest some other things or activities around the aquarium?

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    • Nariman point promenade - to stare out into the sea
    • A good play at NCPA - 10 minute cab ride away
    • Hanging Garden at Malabar Hill - another 10 minute cab ride
    • Food & Drinks at Bachelor's
    • IceCream at K. Rustom's, Churchgate
    • Gateway of India - 20 minute cab ride
    • Nehru Science Centre - another 25 minute cab ride. (The SCIENCE centre, not the Planetorium)

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