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Good laptop? Any other recommendations?

I intend to buy this laptop. Any reviews? Any other recommendations? Asus P450LAV-WO132D Black 14" HD Glare Core i3-4030U (1.9G, 3M) 4th Gen Intel HD Graphics 4GB DDR3 1600 500 GB 5400 RPM 8X Dual Layer Yes 4-Cell Li-ion DOS 3 Year Warranty Rs. 27k. 3 years ago

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    Greetings Dr. Sujay,

    We are not sure of your specific choice of this particular model.

    Either you are looking for a medium range, decent performance machine or you don't want something as big as a 15.6 inch laptop and hence settling for a 14 inch one with a 4th Generation i3 processor.

    While we have nothing absolutely against this particular model, we felt we could recommend some better options, but since we are not sure of your requirements and type of usage we have tried our best to provide a myraid of choices.

    Do have a look and let us know what suits you best.

    Average Mid-range performers:

    Basically i3 processors, 4 gigs of RAM and minimum 500 GB harddisk to begin with - but don't cost a bomb.

    1. Dell Vostro 3558 : Same specs as your choice of Asus, but the usual 15.6 inch. What you get is something significantly cheaper priced (22.5k approx) but definitely better built from the Vostro family.
    2. Other Asus models with a few grand less on the price and an inch more in the screen real estate: Asus X555 & Asus A555 (pretty confusing, right?)

    When size matters:

    If size is your concern then we thought of some mouthwatering 11.6 inch laptops in the same price range. Mind you, these may not be as good in the long term performance department since at the same price range you trade form factor for lower grade processing power. If you want the same form factor with powerful processors then your cost escalates signifcantly.

    1. HP Pavilion x360 : smooth. economical. 
    2. Lenovo Yoga 300: brother from another mother to the HP 360. Similarly specced. Similarly priced. It's your personal choice.

    14 it MUST be!

    If 14 is the magical number and that is what you seek, we find it hard to not draw your attention to this Dell Vostro 3458 that is specced equivalent to your choice of Asus and ups the ante by offering a 2 GB Graphics card along with the Vostro build quality to boast of. Must be considered once in our opinion.

    These are our contenders for your shopping list.

    Do let us know if you have any further queries or if you would want to explore some other options.

    All the best

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