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review of micromax canvas laptop LT666, window 2 in 1

review of above laptop, and comparison with similar ones and of similar range 3 years ago

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    Greetings Dr. Kalpa,

    At the onset let us inform you that there are atleast 3 variants of the Micromax Canvas Laptab - you have rightly specified the verison.

    There is the LapTab & the LapBook, which face stark competition from 3 other devices all priced between 10,000 to 16,000 Rs.

    What is common to these devices:

    • Intel Atom Z series processor 3735 - same clock speed for them all
    • 2 Gb RAM
    • palty internal memory at 32 Gb
    • Windows 10 or 10.1
    • Small footprint 10.1 inch screen (one exception here)
    • 1 USB port (atleast) and 1 micro-USB port - which usually doubles up as the charging port
    • expandable memory card slot
    • WiFi, Bluetooth
    • Poor resolution cameras
    • Long battery life

    Some of them MAY have a 3G enabled SIM card slot.

    The first competitor is from iBall which is priced, specced and designed similarly to the Micromax Canvas LapTab.

    iBall loses out on - availability (online & offline), service centres, brand recall and additional goodies

    Then comes the Acer One 10 - again core specs are the same, though it is tad more expensive around 14.5k. It gains an additional 'TENT' mode and has a sleeker design than the Micromax Canvas LapTab. It also has marginally better build quality

    Finally there is the Asus - most expensive of the lot for the same specs. It gets a 11.6 inch screen - but loses out on the '2-in-1' tag and is just a small laptop with no detachable tablet.

    Our experience with the Micromax Canvas LapTab has been decent. It has been our preferred choice for the bundle of goodies it comes with at the lowest price point.

    1. Office 365 license subscription for 1 year (worth Rs. 2900 if you seek to buy it off the shelf)
    2. 1 TB cloud storage (OneDrive - this usually comes bundled with the aforementioned Office subscription)
    3. Caryring sleeve - devices like these, often, it's tricky to find the right 'protective method' to carry them around.

    When it comes to performance, you have to begin by lowering your expectations to zero and then be pleasantly surprised. If you approach the device with any expectations, you will find yourself feeling dissatisfied somewhere or the other.

    Also, it is absolutely necessary that you are happy with Windows 10 and the Metro Tile UI which can feel extremely irritating if you are coming from an Android EcoSystem.

    Remember - internal memory is grossly limited to a paltry 32 Gb.

    Windows 10, probably is the biggest let down of the device. Until Microsoft gets it's OS sorted enough to be a fully functional and stable build, it will always be a bit of a learning curver and tinkering method for users.

    If you wish to just browse on Chrome (there is no IE anymore) or open a few word documents on the go or maybe just browse a couple of PPTs or PDFs, the device is absolute VFM. You would be hard pressed to find any other device that can give you half the features of the LapTab (especially at it's current price-point of Rs. 10.5k on Amazon)

    The closest Android Phones (around 10-12k) - namely Xiaomi Note, LeEco, Moto G3 Turbo - are all solid performers and all rounders - but have close to half the screen real estate of the LapTab, not to mention the keyboard. Which brings us that 'dock'. The keys on the keyboard are lifeless. They lack the feedback you would wish for, but given the price point and the slim size, it would be too much to ask for. If you have ever used an external keyboard case that cost around Rs. 1500 along with the 7 inch Android tablets - you would know what we mean.

    How often does the LapTab get treated to Windows upgrades and how well it handles that is something yet to be seen. Windows 10 is a new frontier and when it comes to softwares, it revolves more around the 'APPs' rather than installed softwares.

    If you are clear about what exactly you seek to do with such a device and don't ever expect it to perform as sprightly or robustly like a HP 360 or Lenovo Yoga Flip (both more than twice the cost), you will be pleased with the minimal money spent on the Micromax Canvas LapTab.
    If you are not convinced and are thinking of stretching your budget and looking for a small 'proper' laptop - have a look at our reply to a similar query here.

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