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how to write blog? benefits of it

how to write a blog??sometimes, u want share some article or want to forward something, u can forward msg on WhatsApp or put up as status. but it didn't remain personalised, rather forwarded, and u loose the right of owning the content.. so will writing b 3 years ago

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    Greetings Dr. Kalpa,

    A B-log (Blog) is essentially a Web Log. The best sites to have your own FREE blog are blogger.com, wordpress.com, tumblr.com & wix.com.

    The purpose of a blog can be as varied as updating your travelogue on a daily basis to posting recepies to penning down the philosophical or satirical rants that emenate from the deepest parts of your mind for the world to see.

    Given the situation that you have cited as an example, you can simply head over to blogger and start penning down your thoughts or creating articles and then just share the URL (the link that directs directly to that precise article) over WhatsApp, FaceBook or even an email list or newsletter subscriber base.

    Content posted on such blogs are accompanied with a date and time stamp that are immensely useful should you ever have to dispute a copyright case and wish to prove who posted it first. You could also post a 'Protected by Copyscape' notice on your blog. Having a disclaimer accompanied with iron clad T&C helps too.

    Don't forget to pick a catchy name for the title. Just like you have content creators requesting you to subscribe to their channel on YouTube, bloggers too, like having 'followers' on their blogs. These followers automatically get updated whenver a new article is posted. You could also have widgets or social media buttons on your blog below each article that makes it easier to share the post.

    If all of this sounds too much of an effort for what you wish to share on WhatsApp, you could always just create an image file using Paint, Picasa or Powerpoint and put your text in it and share the image via WhatsApp.

    Hope this helps. Happy Blogging.

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