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hp laptop installation drivers

i have been partly sucessful in installing basic drivers. but cant have a properly functional usb port. out of 10, the ;laptop fails to recognise the pendrive 9 times. then i let the laptop restart with the pendrive to let it recognise. 3 years ago

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    Greetings Dr. Kalpa,

    It would be extremely difficult to proceed with this query without knowing details like the model number of the HP laptop and other details. This is more of a 'tech support' scenario than a query resolving one. However, as always we will try to give it our best.

    Ordinarily, laptops post Windows XP do not need special drivers just to recognize USB devices or ports. Assuming that this is a recently purchased laptop, it would be running on Windows 8 (to expect the least) - or Windows 7 in a rare case scenario. In such a situation, you definitely don't need to install any drivers for recognizing USB ports and regular USB pendrives.

    Nevertheless, given the issue at hand - either or both the USB port of the laptop, or the USB connector of the pen-drive - could be at fault here. Try conencting another pendrive in the same port and at the same time try connecting the troublesome pendrive into another laptop or desktop. If both these scenarios yield positive hassle free results, then it might be wise to take your laptop to a HP support centre or contact their helpline (we are surmising that since it's a recently purchased laptop it would be in warranty), or to the store you purchased it from and try and identify the cause of this issue.

    We hope this helps.

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