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installation softwares for HP laptop

"I have bought a new hp laptop with nothing preinstalled.. with little support from IT friends, I tried to install basic softwares. but there r many functions, which still don't run. can't decide as should I buy genuine softwares for running it well or pi 3 years ago

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    Greetings Dr. Kalpa,

    What functions are you looking for?

    Basic drivers (which ensure all the special function buttons, your gesture controls on your touch pad etc. work properly, would be available from the official HP website. Please ensure you search for the right model number and operating system.

    After that if you are looking for softwares that will play videos, open and edit documents, spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations and the likes then there is an extensive list of tools available at your disposal from the world wide web.

    First step would be to install Chrome or Firefox as your default browser and disable Internet Explorer.

    For videos - VLC player is a good open source, ad-free option that does most of the things including subtitles and screen captures. K-lite mega codec pack should take care of any other codec issues.

    If it is Word, Excel, Powerpoint that you seek, then Open Office (openoffice.org) offers a powerful open-source free utility to take care of all the tasks. It is definitely worth trying out. The other option is to go for the licensed Microsoft Office 365 version. This is an annual license and requires renewal on a yearly basis. It has a single user and a 5 user version (the 5 user version is definitely cheaper than the single user one ... so, do you have 4 other friends who need it to?) 

    Advantage of this Office 365 version is that the same license allows you to use the same Word, Excel and Powerpoint softwares in full glory on your Android phone as well, or your tablet, or your Apple devices. You will find these version packs are availble cheaper with e-tailers like Flipkart and Amazon, than Microsoft store itself and rarely available in brick and mortar stores.

    Do give it a try and let us know if there are any specific softwares that you seek.

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    hi.. thank u for prompt response.

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