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SMALL laptop

Tired of using netbook. Please suggest smallest possible laptop. Good processing power. Weight needs to be lowest. For chrome, excel, word, powerpoint. 3 years ago

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    Greetings Dr. Shruthi,

    Based on your requirement, you must either stick to south of Rs. 30,000 or go north of Rs. 75,000 for something really good.

    Here are some of our preferred recommendations:

    Asus X200 series


    • Proper Intel i3 Processor
    • 4 Gb DDR3 RAM
    • Lightweight - barely over a kg
    • Good build quality
    • VFM price tag (usually around the 25k mark)


    • Does not come with licensed windows
    • Touch screen version is far more expensive

    Please note, that for 10k more - you also have the Lenovo Flip & HP 360 to consider.



    These are still around. Rocking the 4th Generation ATOM processor (often Quad Core) and packing a (amaximum) of 2 Gb Ram.

    This is the biggest compromise. They are often found in the 13k to 16k range. Paying anything more than that for these specs, is just not justified. 

    (you get a phone with more RAM than them at that price)

    Asus EeeBook

    Asus X205

    Micromax Lapbook



    These have always been around in some form or the other. At this lower end of the spectrum there has been a flurry of activity now, thanks to unified Windows 10 and Micromax.

    At the point of writing this, we are not sure of long term reliability (unlike the Asus which has proven to be very sturdy) and cannot compare real world performance figures.

    Nevertheless, have a look and see if it entices you:

    Asus (expensive)

    Lenovo (nice and good)

    Notion Ink Cain (unchartered territory)


    Let us know if these fit your requriements or if you have any further queries.


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