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Wish to buy a dual SIM android phone

Hi, wish to buy a new android smartphone. Dual sim, 3G/4G enabled, strong battery life, Value for money. preferred brands- Moto, Samsung. 3 years ago

  • Knowledge Junction:Answered in 89 mins Greetings Dr. Swadhin, Samsung dual Sim phones are a dime-a-dozen. It can be quite an arduous task finding the right one. A, E, J or S. Moto on the other hand, has a simple strategy of 3 main models and 2 variants under each. E (2)- 3G & 4G G (3) - 16 Gb & Turbo X (3) - Play & Style. It would help if you could share a few more details. Screen size? Minimum or Maximum. Intended usage. Card slot needed? RAM? Camera is priority or loud speaker? Given the current nature of your query, the safest and most obvious recommendation is the Moto G3 Turbo edition. Launched just 2 days ago. It ticks off all the right boxes, including a processor / chipped upgrade. What we really like is the unadulterated Android experience with timely updates and the water proofing that makes it a boon to use in practical life. P. S. We feel it looks best in white. Feel free to ask again for further discussion.

  • Query is Resolved. We were glad we could help.
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