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Which is best bluetooth handsfree to buy?

Most primarily it should have good noise cancellation.Budget not more than 6k. 3 years ago

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    Hi Rahul,

    6k is a very nice budget for a bluetooth handsfree.

    We would have loved to know some more details like mono or stereo, primary purpose, whether you need to use in the car, on the bike or in the office, whether you need voice commands and wish to play music too.

    Either ways - according to us - since your budget is quite good, these are the things that we should be there in a bluetooth handsfree in this range:

    • A2DP - allowing you to play music 
    • Noise Cancellation, with wind cancellation
    • Voice commands and voice search
    • Battery alerts visual or audio
    • Dual phone pairing
    • Multple ear gels and ability to fit both ears
    • Charging case to protect the handsfree and increased battery life
    • Preferrably more than 1 button - to answer calls and volume adjustment.

    Our top-picks are:

    Motorola Sliver II Elite

    • Pros: Amazing case and battery life. Fits inside a helmet. Very comfortable and ticks of all the boxes.
    • Cons: difficult to get in India. Noise cancellation is 8.5/10 in our tests, Not the absolute latest from Motorola

    Jawbone Era (2nd gen)

    • Best in class Noise Cancellation. Gets a 9.75/10 in our tests. Very lightweight.
    • Please ensure that you are getting the latest generation.
    • Cons: only 1 button. A2DP has been sketchy in our tests. No ear loops (but the gels fit really well). Case is not very protective. No service centres in India.

    Plantronics Voyager Edge

    • One of the best looking. All-round performance. Build quality and features on par with competition.
    • Cons: Too long for some people. Noise Cancellation could have been better.

    Motorola Hint

    • Absolute latest and the smallest ever. Very sleek, cutting edge technology. Amazing charging case. Works amazing with Motorola X series phones.
    • Cons: Noise cancellation is not the best. Scored 8.5/10 in our usage. Not ideal in extremely crowded situations (local trains)

    As you can see quite a variety of options. Have a look at these. Let us know if you need further help deciding between them.

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