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New phone. Small but powerful

Wish to replace my aging Moto G (1st gen). Looking for a phone that is DUAL sim, small in size (screen 4.5 to MAX 5 inch) and overall also small (pocket friendly, hand friendly). 2 Gb ram. Camera immaterial. Android atleast Lollipop. Not lower. 2 Gb RAM m 3 years ago

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    Greetings Dipen,

    We sincerely wish that more manufacturers would read your query and realize that such a market does exist and that big does not always mean better. (pun intended)

    Your specific criteria leaves too little to fit in.

    Ideally Sony Xperia Z3 compact is a good contender, but lacks the dual SIM feature.

    If we filter out lesser known brands, and brands not available in India - then One Plus X is a worthy contender. Trade off - is you can either use MicroSD card or 2nd SIM slot - only one at a time.

    Most mid-range phones today are in the 5.5 inch category. Conversely most phones with screens less than 5 inches are in the budget category - which makes their specs quite mediocre to say the least.

    There are a lot of phones that match your requirement - but fall short on ONE - overall size. eg. Asus Zenfone 2 series, Micromax Canvas few models, Huawei Honor & Xiaomi Mi 4i. 
    Their bezels are thicker and screen to size ratio is lower, thus making them a tad on the bigger side.

    Having said that - we find it tough to look ahead of the Moto G3. It would be our pick of the lot.

    2 reasons that go in favour of Moto G 3rd generation, above your requirements,

    - Waterproof and IP certification

    - Timely latest Android updates.

    If you do find a better option, please write back to use and let us know.


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