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    For your use, we suggest you go for a simple ungeared bike with a rigid steel frame for added strength. 

    Firefox is a good Indian brand which would suit your use and has 2 models across their range. You can check the details at the following links: http://www.firefoxbikes.com/BikeDetails.aspx?BikeId=173, and http://www.firefoxbikes.com/BikeDetails.aspx?BikeId=194.

    They have multiple outlets across Mumbai and also have good after-sales service plans. 

    Another good option would be the the BTwin range by Decathlon. Their basic ungeared model is called 'BTwin My Bike' (http://www.decathlon.in/cycling/cycles/mountain-bikes/my-bike-white/p-M8304742). In case you want it for a bit more spirited use, you can choose the model one above it called 'Rockrider 5.0 Lady'.

    Decathlon has one outlet in Mumbai located at Ghodbunder road, and their bikes have a lifetime warranty on frames and forks. If you visit their store, they have good offers running across their range and you can pick out all related accessories along with the bike (seat cover, helmets, bell, stand, bottle holders, tail flashing lights, headlights, biking goggles, etc.).

    We hope this helps in your purchase. Happy biking! :) 


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