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unknown folder in hard disk

when I connected my hard disk to laptop today, it shows some folder, which has a weird name, some alphanumeric long name. when I tried accessing it, it says u need permission to access it. press continue to access. I continued. it shows folder named like 3 years ago

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    Greetings Dr. Kalpa,

    This can be many things:

    • Firstly is the folder hidden or plain visible
    • The alphnumeric string can correspond to many options
    • Could be a database of an antivirus software
    • Could be the error of a corrupted folder
    • Could be the backup folder of Seagate software as well.

    The point is - if this folder was not visible earlier and is now suddenly visible - you need to ask yourself - where did you last plug in this harddisk and what actions were done on it. Example did you connect it to a laptop of some other operating system or any other suspicious activity.

    Ideally - get the entire hard disk scanned by a good anti-virus software.


    Use a file shredder to destroy the folder completely (only if you are sure it is NOT useful)

    If nothing works - try copying all the files (except that folder) - onto another harddisk and then format the hard disk 3 times (not quick format). 


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    I had connected the hard disk to new laptop, this folder, was previously not there. That folder has many sub folder, just worried for deleting, that it may not be some useful folder

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    If the folder has appeared randomly, it is an additional cause of concern.

    And suggestive of virus like behaviour.

    Please get that entire hard disk scanned with a good anti-virus and do not plug this hard disk into any new machines - lest it infect some other laptops too. Then the whole thing can become one vicious cycle.

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