Good Laptop inn range of 25-35k

wanted to but a good laptop for professional use and media usage.basically for presentation and clinic records maintanance. also with a good graphic card.prev used dell vostro 1400. which has motherboard issues time and again. 3 years ago

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    Greetings Kshiteej,

    Dell Vostro series in 2008-2009 was a completely different quality product. Today it is decimated to a shadow of it's past glory and you might be hard pressed to find a Vostro machine worthy of it's tag.

    Nevertheless, coming to the present - where machines do not ordinarily last 6 to 7 years, given your requirements our pick of the lot is the Asus X55L series.

    Intel i3 4th Generation, 4 Gb RAM DDR3 - available with different configuration of hard disk capacities, your choice of Windows or DOS. at Rs. 25,500 and above.

    This is also our pick - since it is availble (currently under the back to school offer) with a 3 year warranty, which is definitely a big peace of mind. 


    Given your use - the need for a graphics card is questionable - especially when having a graphics card makes the motherboard prone to a shorter life. So unless absolutely required - don't opt for it. Laptops with a graphics card in this price range are hard to come across - and mostly come with their fair share of sacrifices.

    Make sure you opt for:

    • Intel Core i3 or i5 processor (4th generation). Given that you use your laptops for many years - do not settle for 3rd generaiton or Pentium Quad Core. No need to opt for i7
    • Atleast 4 Gb of DDR3 RAM and ensure that it has an additional slot for future upgrades. All of the RAM should not be 'on board' RAM
    • 14 inch screen size is not being offered any more. It's either 11.6 inch (Asus X200, Lenovo Flip, HP 360 etc.) or 13.3 (Sony, Mac etc.) or the standard 15.6 inches. 
    • Harddisk capacity - as per your needs. Usually 500 Gb or 750 n or 1 Tb. If you can get a laptop with even 24 Gb of SSD for booting purposes - it would be a boon.
    • Opt for licensed Windows 8.1 - as it guarantees you a free upgrade to Windows 10 - which should be coming soon, given that Windows 8.1 is really disastrous
    • Graphics card - Nvidia is the preferred choice - since it's Optimus technology ensures longer battery life and better motherboard life too.

    Subsequently - you can consider these machines as an option too:

    HP 15-R013TX ( i5 4th Gen / 15.6" Display / 1TB HDD / 4GB RAM / 1GB Graphics Card / Dos) - Rs. 28,000

    HP Pav 14-V015TU (i3 4th Gen / 2 GB Graphics / 4GB RAM / 1TB HDD / Windows 8.1) - Rs. 35,000



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