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    Hi Dr. Surbhi,


    2 is a wonderful age - but puts you in a bit of a dilemma.

    Because your daughter would have passed the age of tri-cycles and push carts or walkers.

    She would be curious and would want to explore the world herself.

    Any bi-cycle that you buy now will last typically upto 5 years of age. Beyond which you will need something bigger and more practical.

    Cycles that are availabel for this age group - are typically either BSA / Hero or - of unknown origin (read chinese).

    They usually feature adjustable seats and handle bar - which ensures it is good for the next 3 years or so when she will grow quickly. But the length of these adjustments is not good enough to go beyond that height.

    The tyres are usually tubeless and solid - which is a good thing - especially at this age - avoid frequenthand pump exercises or visits to the nearest filling station. Do try and look for good quality rubber here than PVC or vinyl wheels. You will find them in a vareity of colours.

    Add ons like baskets, bottle holders, tassles, mirrors with flowers on them - sky is the limit.

    Ofcourse - side wheels - they will all come with side wheels which can be removed later.

    Bicycles made for this age group typically come with a 2 part seat - 1 that serves as the base & 1 for back support. (biger bicycles loose out on the back support). You may also find some variants with both sides arm rest and / or a strap.

    Avoid the cycles that come with a foot rest - you would want to encourage your child to continue to pedal and not just sit back while you push.

    You can have a look at the BSA range here.

    Price range is usually Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3500.

    Some well know shops with good variety:


    Kalbadevi (quite a few shops in the same vicinity - don't hesitate to compare and bargain)



    Happy riding and wishing you both many fun times.


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