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Want to buy a selfie stick? But huge variety available in market, ranging from as cheap as 199 to thousand. Can't decide! Need a reasonable one, and one that's compatible with any mobile. We have lenovo, nexus, micromax and Samsung. 3 years ago

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    Greetings Dr. Kalpa,

    Most selfie sticks are composed of 3 parts

    1. The main stalk or stick - it is usually a collapsible / telescopic metal tube - whose sturdiness along with light weight is importnant.
    2. The 'mount' - this is a flexible multi-purpose mount that fits most phones, akin to your car mobile phone holder. It will not fit tablets, but should be able to accomodate phablets.
    3. The 'action' button - there are 2 variants - the cheaper variants have a 3.5 mm jack (which goes into your headphone jack) and a button near the handle. This usually works with all phones. But can be a bit cumbersome to attach and use. The 2nd variant has a 'bluetooth remote' - it is usually a small oval device with 2 buttons - 1 each for Android & iOS. This connects to the phone via bluetooth and can click a photo when you press the button. The remote works even WITHOUT the selfie stick. So it definitely has an added advantage and works well across all phones & platforms.

    Ideally a selfie stick should not be bought online, since its best if you physically feel it and assess the quality of the stick, whether it flexes under weight, the grip of the handle etc.

    Prime Mall - Irla, Indraprastha - Borivali, Lamington Road and a variety of such hubs have a plethora of options. The non-bluetooth one should be for around 150-200 Rs. & the Bluetooth version around 400 Rs. (this can go all the way upto 1700, but the 400 Rs. one works perfectly fine).

    If you must buy one online - look at ebay.in for similar options.

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