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Want to buy laptop! Budget 20000

Need opinions on 2 laptop I have short listed. Also suggestions welcome. 1. Asus x102 touch screen. 2. Hp 4th generation 3 years ago

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    Greetings Dr. Kalpa,

    Your question seems truncated. Would have helped to know what the primary intended usage of the laptop is and the requirements in terms of features.

    Nevertheless, surmising from the options mentioned and budget - 

    • Please do not opt for the Asus X102 - the processor is just not worth it. If it is the touchscreen that tempts you - please be aware that even at 11.6 inches it will not be a very nice experience to use the touch screen. It is only 'manageable' in the Windows 8 Metro mode - which as is known is best left for tablets and out of proper computers. Which is why Microsoft is changing a lot of things in the new Windows 10.
    • In laptops - if one has to really use a touchscreen and make it an asset - then Lenovo Flex, HP 360 or the Asus Transformer Pad are the design factors that would help.

    Here is a suggestion:

    Have a look at the Asus X200 series.

    It is 11.6 inches. Great build quality. Good battery life. Extremely slim and light weight.

    It comes in a VARIETY of processor options - ALL Intel - Celeron Dual Core, Pentium Quad Core - even a proper i3 processor!

    It offers minimum 2GB to 4GB DDR3 RAM.

    The trackpad is nice and big, screen clarity is good and real time performance is definitely worth it.

    Price: Rs. 16,500 all the way upto Rs. 25,000 - depending on the variant you choose.

    Please note - this is NOT a netbook - but a proper laptop with a ULV procrssor.


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