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Kindle Paperwhite Battery not charging

Dear Team. My kindle paperwhite was purchaded in November 2012. It was working alright. One fine day it just stopped charging. Menaing the charging light goes on when i charge it, but inspite of charging it for a full day it still shows to connect a charg 3 years ago

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    Greetings Snehal,


    Since your Kindle is more than 2 years old - it is definitely out of warranty, which means Amazon India customer care (which is usually wonderful) will not be of much help in your current predicament.


    There are not too many people in Mumbai who can repair a kindle. & spare parts are also sparse. Usually scourged from other dead / 2nd hand Kindle's.


    From the issue you have described and the time frame mentioned - there is a strong chance that your battery has conked off.

    Ideally it would be simpler to buy a new Kindle instead. (Maybe sell this one for parts on OLX)

    But, if you dare a bit of an adventure - then it is a simple DIY (Do It Yourself).

    There is a detailed guide here and here.

    You can order the battery from here.

    If you need any tools - you shall get them here.


    Hope this helps!

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