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Water Purifier in Bombay

I am looking to buy new water purifier for my home. Should I go for a RO water purifier or some water purifier which has e-boil technology.what are pros and cons of both and what would be approximate costs of both. Which brand is advisable? 3 years ago

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    Greetings Jinesh.


    You wish to buy a water purifier for your home. So it's safe to assume you are referring to one's that will have an active water supply as well as an electricity connection regularly. Which helps us rule out the others from the discussion - the one's that are standalone units and filter the water from one container to another.

    You have also mentioned that you live in Mumbai, which is an important factor in the decision.

    We don't really need RO (reverse osmosis) in areas like Mumbai. Many parts of India must COMPULSORILY have RO filters, but it is not the case in Mumbai.

    But - depending on which area you reside in Mumbai - you might want to increase the number of filtration stages. Some areas in Mumbai are infamous for sewage water getting mixed with drinking water pipes.

    One thing one must keep in mind - water purifiers are not bought often and therefore the upfront cost of buying one is not as critical as the cost of maintaining one.

    Spending 2-3k on day one for an additional filteration process (albiet not just a marketing gimmick) is a wise idea.

    Most water purifiers will have atleast one chemical, once physical and one ionic filter. Every tries to use some or the other unique term to describe what is more or less the same product or process. Activated charcoal, silver particles etc. etc.

    There are no standard, reliable long term tests conducted for any of these purifiers.

    We have tried to present for you a picture that is a balance of 'best results = least illnesses + good digestion + proper taste' contrasted with maintenance costs and frequency.

    Based on that - the 2 products that shine out are the Tata Swach series & the Eureka Forbes series.

    Both have MANY models to choose from.

    HUL - Hindustan Unilever Limited - also has a plethor of options under the PureIt brand - but they fall short on actual translation to best effects.

    Poor service (for repairs, service etc.) - plagues HUL and Kent.

    There are a dozen other brands in the market - 
    Usha Brita,Zero B, Reliant, Nasaka, Fiona, Bajaj, LG, OWN RO, Kenstar, Panasonic, Rico, Electrolux, Kelvinator, IFB, Pigeon!


    By far Eureka Forbes has the best range & service.
    This particular model should suit all your needs.

    At the same time - this model or this model in Tata Swach family should do a decent job too.


    Hope this helps you make the right choice!

    Happy Living in Mumbai and please conserve water, use the precious resource judiciously.

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