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Budget required to adopt a dog

Dear Team. Firstly thank you for your prompt reply. I had a few more queries. 4.) What formalities are needed to adopt a dog 5.) Monthly budget for its nurturing and maintenance 3 years ago

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    Hi Snehal,

    First of all, you need to decide whether you want to purchase a puppy or adopt one from an animal shelter. 

    If you want to purchase a pup, try to avoid pet-shops. Buy  a pup from someone's home, after visiting it in the family environment. Get the puppy checked by a veterinarian, before the purchase. The cost of a Beagle or Shih tzu pup would vary from ₹ 15,000 to ₹ 30,000, depending on pedigree, age, registration, etc. The puppy needs its mother for at least eight to ten weeks. Check with the vet for a full vaccination schedule. 

    A nobler option is to adopt a pet from an animal shelter. You can find abandoned purebreds as well as mixed breeds at shelters. To adopt a pup, you need to provide proof of ID and Residence. A volunteer will visit your home to make sure that the environment is safe for a dog. You can visit the dog at the shelter for some time, to get used to each other, then, you can take it home. The shelter will keep checking on the pet regularly, just to ensure its happiness.

    For any new pet, you will have to invest in a replacable collar, with or without a microchip, food and water bowls, toys and a trainer. Dog food costs anywhere between ₹ 350 to ₹ 500 per kg. The monthly budget depends on all this, as well as veterinarian's fees, as required. Therefore, it cannot be predicted at the outset. 

    To adopt a dog from a shelter, click here and here.

    I hope this helps.




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