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Want to adopt a pet dog

Dear team. I wish to adopt a pet dog but have absolutely no experience with it . My queries1.) something that does not grow very big in size. What breed should I look for ? 2.)skills to nurture this new member 3.)we are vegetarians . Will that be a nutri 3 years ago

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    Hi Snehal,

    Kudos to you for wanting to adopt a dog.

    Do keep in mind that pets are like children, they need a lot of love and attention, otherwise, they tend to misbehave. So, please think it through, and go through with it only if you have enough time and ability to raise a dog. 

    There are many options, when it comes to small dogs. If you are ok with furry dogs, you can go in for breeds like Pomeranians, Lhasa Apso, or Mini-Poms. They are lovable and friendly, if slightly possessive. But, these breeds shed a lot. So people with allergies should stay away from them. 

    No-shed breeds like Pugs, and Beagles are a great option. They are friendly, energetic and very loving. Beagles are very naughty, so might need strict training, but, they are great companions for kids. Daschunds are another option, but, they tend to have a lot of spine and joint problems. 

    Any dog that you adopt, will need training by a professional dog-trainer. The dog needs to recognise you as the leader of the pack, so, it has to be taught to obey. Otherwise, it may turn into a complete brat. You need to be patient and loving. As with kids, you have to remember that the pet is influenced by your behaviour and the atmosphere in the house. A lonely, insecure pet, who is exposed to fighting and yelling, will be jealous, aggressive and unfriendly. The training is for both, pet and master. 

    As regards diet, dogs need protein to be healthy. Therefore, they do not thrive on a complete vegetarian diet. Dog food, that is commercially available, is an expensive, but, complete source of nutrition for the dog, and is a good option for vegetarians who don't want to get meat and eggs into the house. Dogs are greedy by nature, so, they have to be trained to not beg for food from their humans. Sweets are a complete no-no. 

    A good veterinarian will be able to guide you through the finer points of raising a dog. 

    I hope this was helpful. Hope you find a lovely little companion for life.

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