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Rooting a Samsung Galaxy Tab 1 (P1000)

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 1. Need to root as the Android version is 2.2 (Froyo) and I need to install some apps which need atleast 4.0 - IceCream Sandwich. How do I do it? 3 years ago

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    Samsung Galxy Tab P1000


    Be warned:

    Rooting voids warranty

    Rooting can brick your phone (brick = dead)

    It is a long lengthy procees. Every step must be followed carefully.


    Also, after rooting you have to install a good ROM.


    Be warned, it is FUN, but not as simple as it looks.


    Read link 1:

    If comfortable follow it.

    If not

    Read Link 2 & follow it verbatim

    If after reading all these - you decide against it - my suggestion - SELL it SahiValue or whoever you can and buy a new one with minimal input.



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