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Comparative Analysis between tablets

I am contemplating buying a tab for the clinic reception as the little laptop is now giving way. So wondering if a tab would work. The budget is within 10k so I found these ones... can you suggest which one has a better config?? 1. Acer Iconia Tab7 A1-7 3 years ago

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    Of this lot - EYES closed Asus Fonepad 7


    Now - let me open your eyes to some DEALS.

    1. I know you are budget conscious

    2. No second hand - this time BRAND NEW products


    HP Slate 7 Voice Calling Tab for Rs. 7499

    See for yourself: 



    How about Lenovo A7-30 3G tab - brand new for 5,800 ?

    Scroll down on this page: 


    There are 2 Croma tablets that will suit you. 

    If budget permits there is 1 more HP 10 inch tablet. With Win 8.1 - full on laptop !

    Check it out

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    Yes both are v tempting... Mostly will settle for HP - better company than Asus I guess...

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    When it comes to this market (mobiles and tablets) 
    Asus is better than HP.
    Hp has only few models of tablets. Exited the phone market 3 years ago. Couldn't sustain. Half hearted attempts even now

    Asus -is fantastic. One of the only manufacturers to use Intel processors in these devices. With fantastic results. Zenfone 2 and Zenfone 5 are fantastic devices. 

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