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Is there any gadget to track my two wheeler from getting stolen?

need security for my two wheeler 3 years ago

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    Apologies for the delayed response. There was some ambiguity in the answer and we had to verfiy all our facts before posting.

    For the sake of the answer - we are assuming

    1. You are referring to a scooter or a motorcycle and not a bi-cycle or segway

    2. You are looking at something more sophosticated and secure than the usual combination lock / fuel lock / steering lock etc.

    Ideally, the best thing to protect any vehicle is a GPS tracker.

    Unlike an auto-cop it does not sound an alarm to the intruder, it sounds an alarm to the owner.

    It also increases your chances of recover. Mind you - only increases, because smarter, experienced and tech-savvy thieves would know to disconnect that too.

    A GPS tracker is a small black box - wired to the main batter - can be installed out of sight.

    It would be able to pin-point the exact location of your vehicle, when it started, where it travelled, what speed it travelled etc. - all via an app or SMS alerts to your cell phone.

    There are many such devices available ranging from 4.5k to 30k Rs. 

    The availability is not in abundance in the Indian market. You are not likely to find at your local auto-shop or hub.

    Some bigger dealers would have it. Some company dealers keep it too.
    If you have a trustworthy mechanic - you can always buy the component online (many sources) and get it installed with him.

    Please make sure the origin of the product and warranty concerns. (of the GPS tracker as well as with the company that manufactured the two-wheeler you own)

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