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What is world tour? And World tour budget?

I wish to go on world tour some day. I want to know how many countries to cover on world tour. And how much budget should I have to go on one. 3 years ago

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    Hi Shweta,

    "World tour" is a very interesting, but slightly difficult concept, especially if you are an Indian citizen. The main reason for this is visa restrictions. If you plan to travel to Europe, you can travel on a Schengen visa, that would allow you to enter all the countries that come under Schengen Area, without restrictions. Traveling across continents is a lot more difficult, and much costlier, as also extremely time consuming.

    As for budget, it differs with every travel plan. Usually, when travel companies offer a world tour, they take you to any one continent, and show you one major city in a few countries. With most travel companies,that will cost around two lakhs per person, for a trip lasting two weeks.

     If you are customising a travel plan, you can pick and choose the countries that you want to visit, and the kind of hotels that you want to stay at. You have a variety of options, from Student's Hostels to high-end resorts. It is difficult to predict the budget of such a trip, as it depends on the visa costs, distance traveled, foreign exchange rates, quality and duration of travel, food, travel and health insurance, taxes, and inflation, especially across continents.

    If you really want to get to know each country that you visit, experience the local cuisine, see all the places worth seeing, then it would take you about six to eight months to travel through each continent. You can either plan road trips through each country or you can focus only on the highlights of each. For example, it is possible to do about thirteen countries in SouthEast Asia, in five months. Such a trip, around the world, can take anywhere between three to five years. The budget for a trip like that, is like an immeasurable quantity, varying with each place. 

    I hope this was helpful.


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