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cached data and misc.??

I have few questions.. 1. what are Cached Data and Misc? 2. Does deleting them affect any data from my phone? 3. They are occupying so much space that every few days I get storage full alert and then I have to go and delete them.. is there any alternative 3 years ago

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    Hi Binal.

    Cached data is the 'files' or bits and pieces of information that an APP stores ON your phone memory to help it load faster the next time you open it.

    This could include simple things as all the pages you have scrolled on your FB app as well as how many days of email you have asked your Gmail app to keep 'ready' for you.

    You could clean the cache using many simple & free tools like cache cleaner.

    You could shift some of the apps on your memory card to free up more space.

    Deleting 'some' of them could potentially confuse your phone - as they maybe important files. Most often than not you will find, that if you clear your cache - of say Facebook - then the next time you open the app it will take a bit longer to load. After which it starts building up it's cache again.

    If you are in a crunch - where say your phone does not have a card slot, or enough phone memory and you don't want to root your Android (if you do that you have the power to order apps to store themselves and their cache on the memory card!) - then you have no option but to keep clearing cache or upgrade to a new phone.

    This problem is further complicated of Android phones running versions lower than 4.4.4 (KiKat) & 4.3 (JellyBean) - as they lack TRIM support - the absence of which progressively makes your phone slower.

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