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I have a Samsung Galaxy s5. Till date my phone used to get charged very fast. But since last two days, it's taking more than double the time to get charged. Using the same charger, same plug point. What must be the reason? 3 years ago

  • Knowledge Junction:Answered in 152 mins Hi Vasudha. There are 4 possible points of error 1. Charger 2. Battery 3. Port 4. Device It would have to be verified at each point. Given the details provided by you in the query and that it's a S5, here's what you should try first. Use the battery non-stop today. Drain it completely to zero Your phone will get switched off. Then remove the battery. Place it on a table. See if it rests uneven or foes it rest flat. If its uneven or wobbly - time to get a new battery. If its flat and even - after 15 to 20 minutes put it back in your phone. Do not turn your phone on. Plug it directly for charging whilst switched off. Let it charge for atleast 3 hours. Then start using it normally. Try charging tomorrow at the end of the day. Hopefully this should resolve your problem.

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