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how to retrieve contacts from phone with non functional touchscreen?

All of sudden, my dad's phone - Samsung grand quattro stopped responding to any touch made on the screen. Display and all buttons are working fine. I need to retrieve the contacts . Gmail sync wasn't done. The phone does connect to PC . I also tried otg U 3 years ago

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    Hi Darshan,

    Sorry to hear your dilemma.

    But you are in luck - to some extent...

    Usually - MOST solutions require the phone to be rooted or atleast have USB debugging mode enabled - from the developer options.

    Since phone IS connecting to PC via USB & USB OTG is also working - here are 2 options:

    1. Option 1 - Install KIES on your PC - restart PC and then connect the phone to the PC. Backing up the contacts or even exporting them should be a breeze.

    2. Option 2 - Using USB OTG - just connect a regular USB mouse. And you will be able to navigate across the screen. Believe me - it works !

    Once you can do that - I strongly recommend - that the 1st thing you do is SYNC with Google. Because then you can access it anywhere and fiddle around with it all you like.

    Feel free to post back in case you get stuck somewhere.

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