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Best 2nd car - Automatic preferrable

I own a SUV. I am looking for a second car just for city use, small errands for my wife and kids to use. Budget as low as possible. But no 2nd hand cars. Max 3 to 5 lakh rupees. Would really love an automatic. 3 years ago

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    The following are the hatches available with an automatic gearbox 

    (excluding sedans and price south of 10L)

    1. Nano GenX
    2. Alto K10
    3. Celerio
    4. Micra
    5. Brio
    6. i10
    7. Grand i10

    Give your budget most of them fall straight out.

    You have the Nano GenX at around 3.2L (price to be announced on 19th May). Alto K10 AMT at 4.9L approx OTR price & Celerio AMT 5.5L approx OTR price.

    If I were you I would go either straight for the Celerio or Nano GenX

    All use the same AMT - Automated Manual Transmission - by Magnetti Marelli from Italy.

    So you can use it manual mode as well as an automatic without a clutch.
    The new Nano offers the max bang for the buck. With truck loads of features.

    With their AMC.
    3 years. And you won't pay a rupee.
    For clutch. Brake pads. Wipers. Oil. Engine oil. Power steering oil. Brake oil. Servicing. Air filter. AC gas. Any parts.
    Nothing. Zilch.

    Can use the car for 3 full years with peace of mind. And peace of mind while parking too!

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