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    Greetings Siddharth,

    Thank you for writing in with absolutely certain details.

    Since you have mentioned Headphones and not earphones which are to be used with iPhone 5s, hence not for gaming, we feel that an in-line mic will be a better option than one of those mics that are protruding from the cans itself.


    When it comes to aural clarity for audiophiles, the sky is literally the limit. Restricting yourself to a budget is always a good idea.

    Word of caution - please be careful of 'beats' / dr.dre and skull candy headphones available for below 1000 Rs. - they are often fake.

    Meanwhile, there are other brands like Portronics, Zebronics and the like who don't really offer super clarity, very poor bass and often the reliability is an issue too.


    Given all of these parameters we can recommend this:

    Philips SHL 4405


    Philips, while often overlooked, offers good clarity and value for money. This particular model is quite compact, clean to look at, covers the ears well and offers an in-line mic too.


    With a little higher budget, you can surely try for a Sennheisser or JBL.


    Also, in case it is earphones that you seek then do write back to us.


    Hope this helps.

    Looking forward to your feedback.

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