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How does one 'unlock' a handset for international network?

Does every handset purchased in country A need to be 'unlocking' for use in any other country B? 1 year ago

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    Greetings Dr. Anuja,

    Unlocking a phone, usually refers to a software process to SIM unlock a handset. For example if one has a purchased a 'Verizon' branded phone in the US of A and comes to India, chances are it will not detect the Vodafone (India) SIM card right away. Some shops then offer a 'software' hack that allows the SIM card to be ready.

    This solution is not a sure shot solution and voids warranty effective immediately. Additionally. these days, the cost of a software unlock has spiked up to 2500 to 7500 Rs. for some phone.

    Do note, that despite this the SIM card would only be compatible if the hardware matches, that is if the phone has the right frequency bands. Often, incompatibility means either you 4G sim only works on 2G or doesn't work at all. Network bands define at what Cellular Frequency the handset can use. Different countries have different bands / frequency that they chose to operate on. Before you purchase a phone, it would be wise to cross-check this data, since this cannot be 'unlocked'.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to ASK again or reply to this thread for further queries.
    Have a nice day!

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