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Redmi note 4 vs SRT phone

budget around 12k... 1 year ago

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    Greetings Dr. Shridhar,

    This would probably be a classic example of 'Heart' v/s 'Head' and also, parallely, 'India' v/s 'China' - maybe !
    We are sure you have witnessed both of them on paper and hence this question here.
    They are quite evenly matched on most aspects, a few differences here and there which would only matter to an enthusiast or a nit-picker.

    Let's break it down to things that really matter:


    Advantage: RedMi Note 4

    1. Stellar battery life.
    2. Relatively popular and known brand of some repute (maybe ill, at times - (read occassionally) - but otherwise quite popular
    3. Good camera
    4. MIUI 8 - clean, easy to use

    Advantage: Smartron SRT phone

    1. Emotional value - to some fans for sure
    2. Latest mid-range CPU, GPU and Chipset
    3. Quick-charge technology
    4. USB Type C port - reversible, more with the times
    5. 2 years warranty! (Whether those service centres will be accessible after 18 months, is a different story)
    6. Latest Android OS out of the box - 7.1.1
    7. Guaranteed upgrade to Android 'O' (when? Not specified)
    8. NFC - useful to make payments at times

    Disadvatages: RedMi Note 4

    1. The proverbial Chinese brand, although build quality is promising, speculation about apps leaking data still continue to haunt us.
    2. Service Centres are not the best
    3. Long term reliability - beyond 18 months, has proven to be a dicey proposition in our experience

    Disadvatages: Smartron SRT phone

    1. A lot of 'unknowns'. Service. Availability. Parts. Performance. Updates

    Therefore we feel, someone thinking with their heart would be inclined to try this one, as opposed to someone trying to take a more rational approach would stick to the more popular RedMi Note 4.

    Personally, our team would be divided between the two. I know for a fact atleast a few members of the team who would risk the SRT phone, if nothing, just for bragging rights and maybe a 'collector's item' - like the Fiat Palio S10 - but then, not all of us are seeking those kind of thrills, right?

    The good thing about e-commerce is their return policies. One can always try ordering the phone from Flipkart - and if the moment you hold it - you feel it's not for you  - well, clcik the return button and immediately pick up the RMN4.

    Hope this helps!
    We would love to hear about your purchase and experience about a month after that.
    All the Best!
    Hope the phone turns out to be a good birthday buy.

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