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New phone. Small but powerfulPosted 3 years ago

Wish to replace my aging Moto G (1st gen). Looking for a phone that is DUAL sim, small in size (screen 4.5 to MAX 5 inch) and overall also small (pocket friendly, hand friendly). 2 Gb ram. Camera immaterial. Android atleast Lollipop. Not lower. 2 Gb RAM m

Want to buy budget mini lightweight laptop which satisfies my requirements Posted 3 years ago

I use homeopathic software cara, which works on 32 bit system os, my budget is around 20k, my questions are as follows, would I be able to install my software on Windows 8.1 /10 with some help or no, which laptops would be better handy and good, one o

unknown folder in hard diskPosted 3 years ago

when I connected my hard disk to laptop today, it shows some folder, which has a weird name, some alphanumeric long name. when I tried accessing it, it says u need permission to access it. press continue to access. I continued. it shows folder named like

laptop cannot be startedPosted 3 years ago

a disk read error occurred, press Ctrl+ alt+ del to restart

Good Laptop inn range of 25-35kPosted 3 years ago

wanted to but a good laptop for professional use and media usage.basically for presentation and clinic records maintanance. also with a good graphic card.prev used dell vostro 1400. which has motherboard issues time and again.

Selfie stickPosted 3 years ago

Want to buy a selfie stick? But huge variety available in market, ranging from as cheap as 199 to thousand. Can't decide! Need a reasonable one, and one that's compatible with any mobile. We have lenovo, nexus, micromax and Samsung.

Want to buy laptop! Budget 20000Posted 3 years ago

Need opinions on 2 laptop I have short listed. Also suggestions welcome. 1. Asus x102 touch screen. 2. Hp 4th generation

Kindle Paperwhite Battery not chargingPosted 3 years ago

Dear Team. My kindle paperwhite was purchaded in November 2012. It was working alright. One fine day it just stopped charging. Menaing the charging light goes on when i charge it, but inspite of charging it for a full day it still shows to connect a charg

Rooting a Samsung Galaxy Tab 1 (P1000)Posted 3 years ago

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 1. Need to root as the Android version is 2.2 (Froyo) and I need to install some apps which need atleast 4.0 - IceCream Sandwich. How do I do it?

Comparative Analysis between tabletsPosted 3 years ago

I am contemplating buying a tab for the clinic reception as the little laptop is now giving way. So wondering if a tab would work. The budget is within 10k so I found these ones... can you suggest which one has a better config?? 1. Acer Iconia Tab7 A1-7

Is there any gadget to track my two wheeler from getting stolen?Posted 3 years ago

need security for my two wheeler

cached data and misc.??Posted 3 years ago

I have few questions.. 1. what are Cached Data and Misc? 2. Does deleting them affect any data from my phone? 3. They are occupying so much space that every few days I get storage full alert and then I have to go and delete them.. is there any alternative

moto e phone storage problemPosted 3 years ago

I have moto e phone. It has inbuilt 2 GB memory. Of which, 1.6 GB is used by inbuilt useless apps. I have to constantly delete pics, and system cache, so that I can have basic apps like WhatsApp or telegram, without low disk space warning. I have inserted

review about some phonePosted 3 years ago

lenovo A6000 plus

Phone battery Posted 3 years ago

I have a Samsung Galaxy s5. Till date my phone used to get charged very fast. But since last two days, it's taking more than double the time to get charged. Using the same charger, same plug point. What must be the reason?

what is android m operating system?Posted 3 years ago

I want to know what is android m. Its new os or new version of android?

Moto E/ringtone optionPosted 3 years ago

I own a Moto E. This phone does not allow to set a ring tone from the music play list which I have.. The default ringtones are not that good.. Is there a way by which I can set my fav song as my ringtone..? I don't mind downloading an app also for the sam

how to retrieve contacts from phone with non functional touchscreen?Posted 3 years ago

All of sudden, my dad's phone - Samsung grand quattro stopped responding to any touch made on the screen. Display and all buttons are working fine. I need to retrieve the contacts . Gmail sync wasn't done. The phone does connect to PC . I also tried otg U

New Phone in the USAPosted 3 years ago

I am in the US & have access to a lot of new phones at great prices on contract. I am looking for a new one, very powerful, best possible camera, max RAM. Should last me well for the duration of the contract. Should not be too big (no phablets). Samsung S

Screen cracked of old phone. Cheap new phone?Posted 3 years ago

The screen of my old & trusty Nokia lumia just cracked up. I need a new phone immediately. Budget not much. But would need WhatsApp & if possible dual sim.

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