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Fifa 18 Legacy edition for PS3Posted 1 year ago

Do you have Fifa 18 Legacy edition for ps3 in stock?Will you be open on 2nd October?

Suggest me a good headphones with mic compatible for an Iphone 5s @ budget of rs 1000Posted 1 year ago


What is Domain Privacy> Posted 1 year ago

Is this really required? What are the benefits?

Petya / Petwrap RansomwarePosted 1 year ago

What is this? Any measures to protect it?

How does one 'unlock' a handset for international network?Posted 1 year ago

Does every handset purchased in country A need to be 'unlocking' for use in any other country B?

Redmi note 4 vs SRT phonePosted 1 year ago

budget around 12k...

Which is the best guitar under 5000/-Posted 1 year ago

I want to buy a guitar

Need a recommendation for buying a Smart Phone for my clinic front office. Average configiration, OS and Memory upgradable/expandable, Economic - preferable within 6-7k.Posted 1 year ago

Main usage will be Calling, Whatsapp, Clinic management Apps...

Planning to buy a laptop with good screen resolution, not too heavy on the weight, good battery mainly to be used for case documentation, case photo storage, editing and PowerPoint presentation, windows based Posted 2 years ago

Not keen on buying a notebook sized laptop

Sports Bluetooth Headset / EarphonesPosted 2 years ago

Need a recommendation. I trek, run (marathons) and cycle. I like my music too. I need a bluetooth earphones (not big cans, obviously) with MINIMAL wires. Mid-range budget. Should last well.


HI TEAM, I need the latest version of Microsoft office for my Macbook. Could you please help with same. Thanks.

Need a laptop of similar config to Asus CA 200. i3. 4 Gb RAM. Posted 2 years ago

Need for basic use. Browsing. Office. Homeopathy Softwares. Needs to be lightweight. Reliable for 3 years at least.

Connect Moto G4 Plus to TV / ProjectorPosted 2 years ago

How can I display my phone content on a bigger screen - like tv or projector ?

How to type in hindi or marathi font?Posted 2 years ago

Using word or powerpoint how to make it in hindi or marathi? Need to do it on regular basis.

I have a 5 year old Seagate free Agent GoFlex 1TB external HDD. A couple of days back when i connected it to my laptop, the message "USB Device not recognised" came on the screen. The external hard drive is not being detected on the computer as well as byPosted 2 years ago

I have a 5 year old Seagate free Agent GoFlex 1TB external HDD. A couple of days back when i connected it to my laptop, the message "USB Device not recognised" came on the screen. The external hard drive is not being detected on the computer as well as by

Which is the better phone?Posted 3 years ago

Sameer Jindal: Which mobile is better K4note 3gb /16 gb 3300 mah battery / Redmi note 3 3gb ram/32gb int memory 4000battery / Moto g turbo 2gb ram/16 2470 mah battery. Screen size not an issue . , budget around 12k

Netbook replacementPosted 3 years ago

Looking to replace my 2 year old Asus Netbook. It has Atom Processor with 2 gb ram. I need something similar in size, small, lightweight but faster than this .

Good laptop? Any other recommendations?Posted 3 years ago

I intend to buy this laptop. Any reviews? Any other recommendations? Asus P450LAV-WO132D Black 14" HD Glare Core i3-4030U (1.9G, 3M) 4th Gen Intel HD Graphics 4GB DDR3 1600 500 GB 5400 RPM 8X Dual Layer Yes 4-Cell Li-ion DOS 3 Year Warranty Rs. 27k.

review of micromax canvas laptop LT666, window 2 in 1Posted 3 years ago

review of above laptop, and comparison with similar ones and of similar range

how to write blog? benefits of itPosted 3 years ago

how to write a blog??sometimes, u want share some article or want to forward something, u can forward msg on WhatsApp or put up as status. but it didn't remain personalised, rather forwarded, and u loose the right of owning the content.. so will writing b

hp laptop installation driversPosted 3 years ago

i have been partly sucessful in installing basic drivers. but cant have a properly functional usb port. out of 10, the ;laptop fails to recognise the pendrive 9 times. then i let the laptop restart with the pendrive to let it recognise.

installation softwares for HP laptopPosted 3 years ago

"I have bought a new hp laptop with nothing preinstalled.. with little support from IT friends, I tried to install basic softwares. but there r many functions, which still don't run. can't decide as should I buy genuine softwares for running it well or pi

SMALL laptopPosted 3 years ago

Tired of using netbook. Please suggest smallest possible laptop. Good processing power. Weight needs to be lowest. For chrome, excel, word, powerpoint.

Wish to buy a dual SIM android phonePosted 3 years ago

Hi, wish to buy a new android smartphone. Dual sim, 3G/4G enabled, strong battery life, Value for money. preferred brands- Moto, Samsung.

Which is best bluetooth handsfree to buy?Posted 3 years ago

Most primarily it should have good noise cancellation.Budget not more than 6k.

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