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Nano on the highwayPosted 2 years ago

I would like know if one can take nano to Highways. I have never taken it for a long drive till now. But I am planning to go to nearby places like Mahabaleshwar, Ahemadnagar, Shirdi and Konkan. Since this is my first car and I am the only one who can driv

Uber - how does it work?Posted 2 years ago

With the rising trend on private cab operators like Uber & Ola - I am just curious - how does it all work? Are these safe? Is it easy to get one in Mumbai? How does the company earn with all these discounts?

New hatchback for my parentsPosted 3 years ago

Wish to buy a hatchback. For my parents. Safety important. Comfort, ease of use. Low maintenance. Mostly for outstation trip, Confused between Polo, Elite i20, Figo, Zest / Bolt and Baleno.

Could you please suggest from where I can buy a bicycle. Looking for leisure use - riding to the market. Dropping child to school. I also intend to fix a child seat on the bicycle. So the bicycle needs to carry my weight and hers. I'm 36 years old and my Posted 3 years ago


My daughter has turned 2, want to buy a bicycle for her. What are the things I should be looking at. From where to buy one? Posted 3 years ago

Reasonable, sturdy and basic.

Best 2nd car - Automatic preferrablePosted 3 years ago

I own a SUV. I am looking for a second car just for city use, small errands for my wife and kids to use. Budget as low as possible. But no 2nd hand cars. Max 3 to 5 lakh rupees. Would really love an automatic.

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