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We could not have used a name simpler & precise than Knowledge Junction – a platform where various authors who have made their passion a profession, made their hobbies a habit share uninhibited, unprejudiced, practical, customized opinion for those who seek it.

Conceptualized by some ‘young kids’ in their late teens, materialized into a vision after a decade. The teens are now tempered through the fire of time. The wide eyed kids are now worldly wise.

There are a million websites that offer advice. We make no claims to any effect.

Ego = 1/ Knowledge. More the knowledge lesser the ego.

Simple motto – Ask and you shall receive … a reply that would be a serving replete with every info the author has had a first-hand experience of.

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” – Albert Einstein

IRL – In Real Life – No conjectures. No hear-say. No words minced.

Just some solutions that work. Sometimes it may be the infamous Indian jugaad, sometimes it may be JLT – Just Like That.

Go ahead … ASK – Always Seek Knowledge.

Our Team Together we fly


Anish Shah

Qualified as Electrical Engineer. Working as IT professional. Personal Finance at heart.

A qualified Chartered Financial Analyst (ICFAI) and a stock market enthusiast.

Lucky to have spotted a Moose (not chocolate) whilst touring Canada.

A Survivor in life - from -40 degrees C to multiple tough challenges that life can throw. Been there done that and surviving to stand proud and tell my tale.


Dr. Apeksha Rao

I wear many hats. A Homoeopath by profession. Medical contributor to Sation magazine. Fiction writer. Hindustani classical music aficionado, especially sitar. Fitness enthusiast. Pet lover. Foodie. Good at organising travel plans with public transport.


Avinash Pai

Technology at heart. Immense love for computers and machines.

Deeply Philanthropic. Truly believe in being natural.

Like to travel, experience different culture and meet different people.

Simplicity is way of life.


Jinesh Sanghvi

An avid finance professional with computer engineering background resulting in blend of technology and finance.

Job description reads: A credit rating analyst involved in analyzing multiple businesses and industries.

On a personal front a technology enthusiast, travelling buff and a foodie.


Dr. Kruti Dhirwani

A passionate Homeopath with an eye for detail.

Dancer at heart, but Doctor in the head.

A proud mother, a supportive wife, a loving daughter.

Eager for adventure and Eveready to learn new skills.

Fond of ‘healthy’ food and loves to experiment with tasty food that’s healthy and wholesome.

Love long drives and love to drive.


Dr. Kshiteesh Kirtikar

A qualified mountaineer from the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (Darjeeling), he has around 20 years of experience in rambling through Himalayan vales and trails.

A singer, a climber, a writer, and a photographer, who's stuck in a rut. With music in my heart and the mountains in my soul, I sleepwalk through my days in the big, bad corporate world, aching for the moments when I'm set free to sing my mountain song.


Nishant Bhatia

Hotel Management Graduate with a PG in Marketing, worked with a Telecom giant for 8yrs and now with a major US Bank! Confusing rite? But such is life!

Love mobile phones, cars, good food & dig on road trips!!

Never say never attitude. Love to live life a quarter mile at a time.

Would never open my eyes on a holiday but will run out of bed even at 3 am for a friend.

Looking forward to sharing knowledge & learning at the same time!!


Saumya Bhansali

An engineer by qualification, a diamond merchant by occupation.

A devout Jain who has survived through China, New York and multiple places in India keeping his religion and sanity intact.

Tech savvy, steadfast friend, connoisseur of the good things in life.


Dr. Snehal Shah

Student at heart, passionate about learning and seeking knowledge.

A compassionate physician, I constantly strive to upgrade my skills and knowledge to serve better through wellness therapies like hypnotherapy and meditation, but without losing my clinical bend. Books feed my brains with 'Food for thought' and I love to experiment by cooking healthy tidbits alot! I never leave an opportunity to travel and explore nature to its best.


Dr. Suraj Dhirwani

Indian by religion. 3rd generation doctor, 2nd generation homeopath by choice.

Technophile. nature lover, automobile aficionado, philotherian, budding social entrepreneur, cosmopolitan.

Writer. Trekker. Poet. Orator.

Secret desire to be a secret vigilante

Many roles. One Life…

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