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installation softwares for HP laptopPosted 3 years ago

"I have bought a new hp laptop with nothing preinstalled.. with little support from IT friends, I tried to install basic softwares. but there r many functions, which still don't run. can't decide as should I buy genuine softwares for running it well or pi

SMALL laptopPosted 3 years ago

Tired of using netbook. Please suggest smallest possible laptop. Good processing power. Weight needs to be lowest. For chrome, excel, word, powerpoint.

Wish to buy a dual SIM android phonePosted 3 years ago

Hi, wish to buy a new android smartphone. Dual sim, 3G/4G enabled, strong battery life, Value for money. preferred brands- Moto, Samsung.

New hatchback for my parentsPosted 3 years ago

Wish to buy a hatchback. For my parents. Safety important. Comfort, ease of use. Low maintenance. Mostly for outstation trip, Confused between Polo, Elite i20, Figo, Zest / Bolt and Baleno.

Which is best bluetooth handsfree to buy?Posted 3 years ago

Most primarily it should have good noise cancellation.Budget not more than 6k.

New phone. Small but powerfulPosted 3 years ago

Wish to replace my aging Moto G (1st gen). Looking for a phone that is DUAL sim, small in size (screen 4.5 to MAX 5 inch) and overall also small (pocket friendly, hand friendly). 2 Gb ram. Camera immaterial. Android atleast Lollipop. Not lower. 2 Gb RAM m

Could you please suggest from where I can buy a bicycle. Looking for leisure use - riding to the market. Dropping child to school. I also intend to fix a child seat on the bicycle. So the bicycle needs to carry my weight and hers. I'm 36 years old and my Posted 3 years ago


Want to buy budget mini lightweight laptop which satisfies my requirements Posted 3 years ago

I use homeopathic software cara, which works on 32 bit system os, my budget is around 20k, my questions are as follows, would I be able to install my software on Windows 8.1 /10 with some help or no, which laptops would be better handy and good, one o

unknown folder in hard diskPosted 3 years ago

when I connected my hard disk to laptop today, it shows some folder, which has a weird name, some alphanumeric long name. when I tried accessing it, it says u need permission to access it. press continue to access. I continued. it shows folder named like

laptop cannot be startedPosted 3 years ago

a disk read error occurred, press Ctrl+ alt+ del to restart

Good Laptop inn range of 25-35kPosted 3 years ago

wanted to but a good laptop for professional use and media usage.basically for presentation and clinic records maintanance. also with a good graphic card.prev used dell vostro 1400. which has motherboard issues time and again.

My daughter has turned 2, want to buy a bicycle for her. What are the things I should be looking at. From where to buy one? Posted 3 years ago

Reasonable, sturdy and basic.

Selfie stickPosted 3 years ago

Want to buy a selfie stick? But huge variety available in market, ranging from as cheap as 199 to thousand. Can't decide! Need a reasonable one, and one that's compatible with any mobile. We have lenovo, nexus, micromax and Samsung.

Want to buy laptop! Budget 20000Posted 3 years ago

Need opinions on 2 laptop I have short listed. Also suggestions welcome. 1. Asus x102 touch screen. 2. Hp 4th generation

Kindle Paperwhite Battery not chargingPosted 3 years ago

Dear Team. My kindle paperwhite was purchaded in November 2012. It was working alright. One fine day it just stopped charging. Menaing the charging light goes on when i charge it, but inspite of charging it for a full day it still shows to connect a charg

what qualification are required by business analystPosted 3 years ago

qualification means in terms of degree and skills....

Water Purifier in BombayPosted 3 years ago

I am looking to buy new water purifier for my home. Should I go for a RO water purifier or some water purifier which has e-boil technology.what are pros and cons of both and what would be approximate costs of both. Which brand is advisable?

Budget required to adopt a dogPosted 3 years ago

Dear Team. Firstly thank you for your prompt reply. I had a few more queries. 4.) What formalities are needed to adopt a dog 5.) Monthly budget for its nurturing and maintenance

Want to adopt a pet dogPosted 3 years ago

Dear team. I wish to adopt a pet dog but have absolutely no experience with it . My queries1.) something that does not grow very big in size. What breed should I look for ? 2.)skills to nurture this new member 3.)we are vegetarians . Will that be a nutri

Rooting a Samsung Galaxy Tab 1 (P1000)Posted 3 years ago

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 1. Need to root as the Android version is 2.2 (Froyo) and I need to install some apps which need atleast 4.0 - IceCream Sandwich. How do I do it?

Comparative Analysis between tabletsPosted 3 years ago

I am contemplating buying a tab for the clinic reception as the little laptop is now giving way. So wondering if a tab would work. The budget is within 10k so I found these ones... can you suggest which one has a better config?? 1. Acer Iconia Tab7 A1-7

Is there any gadget to track my two wheeler from getting stolen?Posted 3 years ago

need security for my two wheeler

Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana Posted 3 years ago

What is this new scheme ?

What is world tour? And World tour budget?Posted 3 years ago

I wish to go on world tour some day. I want to know how many countries to cover on world tour. And how much budget should I have to go on one.

I love trekking. I have Asthma. Can I trek Himalayas ? Can altitude be a problem ?Posted 3 years ago


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